Using Mutable with Electrosmith Daisy?

Hello all,

Total programming noob here. I just purchased an Electrosmith Daisy microcontroller to start learning.

I’ve been using their Arduino library and just poking around with the examples and trying to build some stuff of my own.

I also downloaded all of the mutable code from Github but none of it is compatible with Arduino.

Is there any way to get mutable code up and running?

No, you can’t get the code of Mutable Instruments products running on another platform than the original hardware without modifying it.

That makes sense! If I wanted to use your code as examples to learn more would there be any way to, for example, look at one of specific plaits algorithm and get just that snippet of DSP running without worrying about any of the hardware mapping? As I was poking around in the git hub files it seems to have the hardware / software stuff relatively cleanly separated per module.

I’m just now starting to teach myself C++. Would the modifications required be achievable eventually for a novice or is that something just out of reach for a non-expert programmer?

For what it’s worth, I know the Daisy is an STM32H board, and I know a lot of mutable stuff runs on STM32F boards (this is from googling… I don’t entirely know what this actually means…)

Yes the hardware and DSP code is cleanly separated. And the DSP code does not make use of any MCU specific feature (such as assembly code) - it’s just pure C++. Check the /test/ directory in each project - it has an example program showing how to call into the DSP code independently of the original hardware.

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Okay great, thank you so much. Been a big fan of your instruments for years :slight_smile: