Using MIDIpal with MIDI guitar / channel merging


I’m hoping that someone will be able to help me with this:

I recently purchased a Rock Band 3 MIDI guitar, with the intention of using it live to control the Nord Electro 3. The guitar transmits on six MIDI channels (one per string) and the Nord only receives on one, so I wanted to deploy the MIDIpal to merge the channels into one. This, however, doesn’t appear to make a difference… When I strum the guitar, several notes play at the same time but only on one string. Reading the instructions for the MIDIpal I had a go at filtering the MIDI channels instead, but I didn’t get anywhere. I should mention though that I’m no expert with MIDI, and I’m just trying to learn what I can, so my testing of the MIDIpal’s functionality is probably inhibited!

So what I’m thinking is either:

A) my limited grasp on MIDI is letting me down here, and I am not using the MIDIpal correctly to solve the problem (hopefully this option!);

or B) the kind of MIDI being transmitted from the guitar can’t be filtered or merged by the MIDIpal to work with the Nord at all (hopefully not this one!).

Currently I am using the MIDIpal in a MIDI I/O loop with the Nord, with local control set to off (which is great by the way), whilst the MIDI guitar controls a softsynth on a laptop. This is more than useable, but ideally I’d look to cut out the laptop.

Any suggestions?



Find an MKS-50! :slight_smile:

> This, however, doesn’t appear to make a difference

How have you configured the MIDIpal for channel merging?

Hello, thanks for the reply, pichenettes, and sorry for my slow reply.

This might be where my lack of understanding of the MIDIpal comes in… How should it be set up?

I’ll need to check this but I believe I set it up according to the manual: first channel in is 1; then there are a total of 6 channels; then the output channel is 1 (the input MIDI in channel on the Nord).

Does this sound correct?

Someone dissected the MIDI that the MIDI guitar sends here:

I have managed to get it working with most softsynths (with Omni mode on, to accommodate for the 6 simultaneous channels), so I’m sure there must be a way to get MIDIpal doing the same thing…?

Also good call, t2k; shame the MKS-50 is hard to come by!

By the way, the user manual does seem to describe the MKS-50 as the ideal companion for a MIDI guitar. The way it implements it is shown here:

  • I’m hoping that I can achieve this with my Nord and the MIDIpal!

actually any multitimbral synth is really good with midi guitar. I have a mks-50, a casio vz8m, a six-trak and an access virus that works really well.

The problem with midi merging is that you lose the per channel (and string) pitch bends, but since you dont have a real midi guitar that shouldnt be a problem. Maybe play with the dispatch app too?

You can probably even skip using the midipal for this if you can just find any synth that works in omni mode.

> Does this sound correct?

Yes it does!