Using MIDIOX to update Shruthi firmware

Just wondering what everyone is using in Windows to update their firmware? I’ve been trying to use MIDIOX but I keep getting a message: No buffers available. There is not enough memory available for this task. Quit one or more applications to increase available memory and then try again."

There’s lots of memory and no apps running so I have no idea what’s going on. Can anyone help? My MIDI interface is a Saffire Pro 26 i/o that has been working fine so far, and I’m using a MIDI patchbay as well. I’m doing the power up pressing S6 thing, the lights go on as specified, and when I start the sysex transfer the first light starts blinking, but then I get the message.



I use the c6 app listed in the manual… works great!

There are issue with sysex in Windows at times. Often the default Windows driver truncates sysex over a specific length.

Try the the Elektron C6 sysex tool, configure it to have at least 250ms between messages:

I concur. I have never been able to get the Shruthi to update via MIDIOX. C6 works like a charm!

I tend to use MIOS Studio’s sysex tool as I have MIDI Box hardware as well. But it’s a bit much for just doing sysex.

You are all geniuses, thanks!


FWIW, I’ve been having a really hard time with C6 in win7 x64. When it does work, it works perfectly with the .syx file. However, the program constantly freezes and won’t even end via task manger. I have to reboot, delete the exe and download a fresh copy. Why? I dunno. Works like a charm every time using my XP box.

C6 worked beautifully for me, no issues at all. I’m using Win XP 'though.


I’ve been using MIDIOX to update my firmware several times during the last 24 hours with Windows XP, and it worked for me every time. Here are the settings I used:

MIDI-OX Sysex Configure window

Low level input buffers -------------------- set to Size 256 Bytes, Num 16
Low level output buffers ------------------ set to Size 256 Bytes, Num 16
Auto-adjust Buffer delays if necessary ----- Untick

Output Timing
Delay between buffers -------------------- set to 250 milliseconds
Delay After F7 ---------------------------- Tick, and set amount to 250 milliseconds


for c6 try running it as a administrator.