Using Clock/Humanization Groove on SP606

So I just purchased an assembled MIDIpal (using firmware 1.2) and I’m having some issues using the MIDIpal’s clock with an SP606 while also using the MonoMachine’s clock to control the rest of my setup. This is my configuration:

MonoMachine (master clock) > MIDIpal > SP606

The MonoMachine has its own clock going to control everything else, and I was hoping I would be able to use the clock/humanization settings from the MIDIpal to control the SP606 separately from the MonoMachine’s clock. So far that’s not working though…

I tried the following configuration where the MIDIpal controlled my whole hardware setup and it seemed to work, but I would like the SP606 to be the only one that is affected by the MIDIpal’s clock/swing and humanization settings.

MIDIpal (master clock) > MonoMachine > SP606

Also, is there anyway to use the finer resolution clock with the swing/humanization settings that the regular clock has?

I’ll be sure to try one of the newer firmware updates (e.g. 1.4) to see if that fixes my issue.

I am afraid there is no solution to your problem.

The MIDIpal does not provide the option of humanizing/shuffling an external clock. The groove/shuffle settings are only related to its internal clock.

Thus, you have to use it as a master clock if you want to take advantage of these features; and all synths in the chain will be aligned on the same clock.

Ah, no worries.

Okay, two more questions. I was hoping that I would have the same options with the fine resolution clock as the standard clock, but that wasn’t the case. Is it possible to use the finder resolution clock but with the option to add groove to the clock? And, is it possible to start the MIDIpal clock via transport/start messages?

> Is it possible to use the finder resolution clock but with the option to add groove to the clock?

No. The “high resolution” clock app is actually not something I have developed. I can’t tell you why exactly, but the guy who developed it had to remove the groove/humanization features.

The MIDIpal internal clock cannot be externally started/stopped.