Using bicolor 3legged LED instead the 2 for the buttons 1 & 3

I think it’s ok, but could you confirm that i can use 3 legged with common anode LED ?


No, this won’t work.

Huh? I had the same idea for my programmer but i left it because i thought the 2 leds are more clear because they are indication VCO 1 and VCO 2 … With green and red this would not be so clear.
But i don’t see any reason why it wouldn’t work… Are 3 legged leds not actually just 2 leds in 1 packaging?

It needs to be common cathode.

Sorry, I misread your question. I thought you were talking about Ambika and wanted to use 3-legged LEDs with common anode or cathode instead of 2-legged LEDs. That won’t work. I just got asked the same question by email and thought this was the same person posting it here!

For “grouping” Shruthi-1 LEDs into one it’s just fine. Sorry for the confusion.

Ashimoke is right. It only works with common cathode… not with common anode like you posted.

ha ok, it was a mistake from me. it’s for a programmer too, but just for a programmer it’s not really important, because you will never touch the shruthi page buttons and only use the pots, no ? or if you move a pot such as the osc1 range, it directly goes to the osc1 page, but i don’t think. So anyway you see page osc1 or osc2, you could use the pots for each as the same time. (a little question by the way . what happens when you touch 2 different pots like lfo rate, and filter resonance for exemple, at the same time, which ne will be displayed, the first you touch ? it won’t create bugs ? )

With the programmer, turning a pot doesn’t cause the page to switch. Tweaking two knobs at the same time can create a flickery/glitchy display.