Using a Mutable Instruments in Mouser BOM Tool

Can any tell me if it’s possible to export the Ambika BOMs into a format (from Google Docs) that Mouser’s BOM tool likes?



Actually I managed to copy-and-paste the data into a spreadsheet, edited out the stuff I don’t need and then export to a CSV.



Yes i did the same… copy paste to excell … but then you still have to edit stuff to get mouser to understand it. In the end i was better of spending an evening checking out al prices for parts with different distributors. And just do the parts one by one.

What Bom are you looking for? The SMR4 and the SVF BOM;s are on the Wiki and Ive got a 4PM bom if you want it. I think it comes to $28 USD per VC for the 4PM.