User Scales/Tuning

Is there a way to edit the alternate tuning scales in the Shruthi? I’d like to set my own offsets-to-notes-per-octave scales without complex knowledge of the deeper parts of the firmware coding.

I didn’t see this in a search, but certainly refer me to past posts if it was discussed.

Can the MidiPal do this in mono with pitch bend commands?

You can edit directly the file and recompile the firmware. These are the lines. And to change the strings that are displayed, this is happening here

I understand the numbers are the deviation from the equal temperament for each of the 12 notes, but what does the parameter value mean ?

I guess the parameters have to be scaled to have their equivalence in cents ?


1 semitone = 100 cents = 128.

For those interested, please find hereafter the Mutable-code-ready numbers for a baroque meantone temperament ( mésotonique in French) :

0, -31, -9, 13, -18, 4, -26, -4, -35, -13, 9, -22

N.B. this is the Aaron quarter comma meantone temperament obtained by narrowing each 5th (except the wolf on G#) by a quarter syntonic comma ; the resulting deviation in cents from the equal temperament has been calculated with an Excel spreadsheet and scaled between -128 and 128 according to the previous post.