Use two anushri drum midi out in the same time on a DAW


Shortly, i’ll have 2 Anushri on my config (why? it’s a long story). I read on the manual that the note events generated by the drum pattern generator are sent to the MIDI out, on channel 10 and i don’t read how change the midi channel of drum on anushri.

How can use the two drum pattern generators in the same time on my DAW (Ableton) ?

Example : Drum pattern generator of the first anushri triggers a first drum rack (kick, clap, hihat) in ableton and the second anushri triggers a second drum rack with latin percussion.

Thank for your answer.

I am sorry, this is hardcoded.

This can be modified in the code here For example replace 0x99 by 0x97 and 0x89 by 0x87 to emit on channel 8 (8 - 1 = 7, second nibble of the status byte).

You could also use a second midi interface, connecting one anushri to your existing and one to the new. A cheap ebay usb->midi connector would do it.

another option would be to use a midipal to modify the channel i suppose.


I’m so sorry for the late reply and thank you very much for your help