As the MidiPal seems so useful, don’t you think a USBpal will be more necessary (to use with a laptop for instance…) ?

I don’t get it… If you have access to a computer, why don’t you use the computer to do what the MIDIpal does?

Even though @pichenettes has a point if you still insist

You may hook up one of this to MidiPAL and connect to your computer :slight_smile:


How about a MidiPal VST that plus into your DAW and routes Midi to the MIDIpal and Back? :wink:

What DAW do you use? Most of them have midi-plugins wich perform the same kind of tasks as the midipal…

I think olix has a point- I don’t know of any MIDI-capable software that does all the things the MIDIPal does (apart from something like Max, but you’d have to write your own MIDI-processing applications in that).


Maybe someone can code a vst wrapper for the midipal firmware then… but you can easily cobble together the functionality from other vsts, or using synthedit.

“I don’t know of any MIDI-capable software that does all the things the MIDIPal does”

MidiOX comes close

@herrprof synthedit is Windows-only. Which in my book, makes it bad :wink:


Maybe you ask dnigrin aka Dan Nigrin about it? He’s makin a lots of fine Software , why not a MIDIpal app?

on a somewhat related note: any chance of a next gen midipal with a built in usb host? an increasing number of otherwise rather attractive compact midi controllers come with usb only, no din midi connectors. even the upcoming korg ms-20 mini has a din connector only for midi in - it does midi out only via usb. a very annoying trend.

for course, there is kenton’s midi usb host. but that means adding another little box.

so, if there is ever going to be a new midipal hardware revision, i’d vote for it to include a midi usb host function…

@toneburst I feel the same way about pc software in general :smiley:

I wish iconnectmidi would wise up and add some of the midipal type programs and munge rules to their box, it would make it an insta buy for me.

I’m not so sure that the mini Ms-20 needs MIDI out. It’s not like it will feel like a high-end keybed, or come with an advanced built-in arpeggiator. If my K5000s was USB MIDI out only I’d be upset…

More, and cheaper USB hosts would be very welcome at any rate.

mix the GM5 with a MidiPAL/MidiBud or MidiALF and you have a device that could run independent/with or without pc but also could interface with iPad as well, no iConnect necessary.

@jojjelito: the midipal could be its advanced arpeggiator - if the ms had midi out, or the midipal a usb host. :slight_smile:

@fcd72, you are now my PR man. :wink:

It’s actually not a bad idea, a soft-MIDIpal… I will put it on my list, an ever growing one

midipal ios app suite ftw!
make every midipal app an ios app!

oh, and somebody also do a ryk185 ios app and a klee ios app, too.

Still waiting for that Max --> iOS converter… I can dream, can’t I?