USB to MIDI master keyboard converter

Hello everyone,
I have a M-AUDIO Oxygen 49 master keyboard which has no MIDI OUT but just one USB port.
Is there an interface for retrieving the signal to the USB port and convert to MIDI signal for use the keyboard with my Shruthi, Anushri and Ambika?
I want a standalone solution without using a computer.
Thank you for your help

hmm was looking for something like this too… but hmm 88 quid is not cheap.


I have the kenton. Works great. But the USB device needs to be a generic midi USB devices. In other words. It shouldn’t need specific drivers to work.

You can go DIY way

It’s funny. I used to own an Oxygen 49 (second generation, the white ones). These ones HAVE midi out.
M-Audio you are doing it wrong.

Here is another DIY solution

It seems this guy is also working on a DIY synth too

@cereyanlimusiki: no that’s not the right kind of project. This is a USB device, not a host.

My recommendation would be to sell your current controller and get one with a proper MIDI out instead of adding yet another little box. :slight_smile:

@pichenettes I assume my second recomendation is wrong ?

I have an Alesis Q25, the keybed is not the best, but it’s cheap and has both USB and DIN MIDI

I second rumpelfilter, I have an Alesis Q25 and find that it’s pretty good for a beginner’s keyboard or when you only want/need limited functionality on the cheap. No knobs, but it does have pitch bend and modulation wheels. And both USB & MIDI out.

> @pichenettes I assume my second recomendation is wrong ?


You can also do it with a cheap USB midi cable from china a raspberry PI and the alsa aconnect midi command. Would be about 60$.

Thank you all, I will buy the Kenton or another master keyboard, depending on the price.
I go to the Thomann web site.

@phm78: Make sure the USB and MIDI ports can be used at the same time. The AKAI MPK keyboards have both, but you can only use the MIDI DIN when the USB port is not being used. This is common practice for several USB keyboard controllers - and it is only mentioned in their manuals. I would recommend investing in a USB to MIDI interface. You will have to run some software on your computer, but once it is running, you’ll never have to look back at your computer.
Not that I wouldn’t suggest getting a keyboard that isn’t M Audio. They drop more notes than any other controller I have ever used. They make good, cheap sustain pedals though.