USB oscilloscopes

Hello mutoids,

I am looking to get an oscillioscope, and due to limited work space I am thinking I’ll get a USB model.
This velleman one seems like reasonable value (it only works upto 12Mhz, which should be OK for audio?)

anyone have any experience of this or other USB oscilloscopes?



your mileage may vary but, after briefly owning and playing around with a bunch of tiny handheld scopes including the DS0 Nano and a few others whose names escape me (but not the Vellman) I finally gave up and bought a Rigol DS1052E and I’ve never regretted it. Works great, reasonably compact and its not at all fiddly. And I could have bought one with the money I wasted on the mini scopes and I’d have had enough left over for another shruthi. The 1052E (50MHz) and its functionally identical bigger brother the 1102E (100MHz, the only difference between the two is firmware) are both available for under $400 if you search around the web.
Keep in mind that just because you’re working on a thing that emits audio doesn’t mean that there’s nothing inside that doesn’t happen at a much higher sample rate than audio. The ATMega in a Shruthi-1 , for instance, runs at 20MHz.

+The Rigol DS1052E can be upgraded to the 100mhz 1102E :smiley:

yeah, was just ignoring the fact that the mega works at 20Mhz :slight_smile:
hmmm I saw they are selling those RIGOL 1052E off at a reasonable price, the upgrade to 100Mhz is just firmware is it?

Yes sir ! :slight_smile:
Make sure to check if it was fixed, even though it’s still a decent scope at 50mhz though :confused:

DS1052E ordered :slight_smile: