USB MIDI Host to TTL MIDI Converter

I need a USB MIDI host to TTL MIDI converter to use in an accessory to the Photon mouthpiece I’m designing. The Photon is described at that bottom of this page:

I found discussions on the Mutable Instruments forum archive about “USB Pal”, a project using a FTDI VNC2 chip as the USB host. There’s a link to download the source code, schematic, etc. but the link doesn’t work.

Can anyone please refer me to where I could find it?

Would this work?

Thanks for the suggestion. That could work but I’m hoping to find the source code of the USBPal project so I can customize it to add some features.

The person who posted it hasn’t participated in this forum for a year, so there is not much hope.

Hi, I am “The person”. :sunglasses:

I still have some pieces around here and could also do some moderate customizations.
Or do you prefer just to get the build information?

The original discussion can be found here: DIY USB host - MIDI DIN converter - USBpal released
The file link is intact (as of today).

Hi, thanks for replying! My goal is to get one of these boards running as a USB MIDI host to TTL level converter. Then design a very small custom board with a VNC2 chip and a flex cable connector to connect to the mouthpiece described at the bottom of this page: The goal is an adapter from a USB outputting wind controller to the mouthpiece.

Thank you again for sharing your VNC2 project!! The software and schematc will be huge help as a starting point for my project. I will share the result to anyone who is interested.