USB in on ambika

Can the USB in of an ambika accept midi info? Meaning could you use a USB midi controller to control an ambika using the ambika USB port?

There is no USB port on an Ambika. Just midi ports. I use the kenton midi usb host for what you are trying to do.

Ah I see —
What about this?

This is not a host so you will need a host (computer) with that thing. You can connect your usb midi controller to you computer and then with this cable from your computer to the Ambika. But i don’t know how good this particular cable is. There are alway lots of discussions about timing issues with different midi gear.

I see two problems:

  • You cannot connect a controller to this and expect it to work. You’ll have to connect your controller to a computer ; and this thing to a computer too.
  • Buy something from a more respectable manufacturer if you don’t want SysEx messages to be dropped.

Iconnect midi is not respectable? They certainly charge more than your average chinafab.

Hmmm OK… didn’t look closely and though it was one of these dreadful “cable” things.

Price tag is not a good indicator - I’d try to find out before shelling out any money on any USB MIDI interface these days. At least it’s not on the MIDIbox White List.

Devils advocate again: its pretty much brand new. Their older products seem to work well with sysex (its how you edit them) but yea might be safer to try a more established device.

Ah damn wish there was something like this you could use as a cable instead of having to buy another box

m-audio uno cable thingy works great for me.
had to set the sysex speed to really slow once, but that was probably due to small buffer size of recieving device.