USA - XT PCB's Available!

I have a small initial run of the XT boards up for sale.

I’ll also have Adrian’s metal cases once they are ready.

1st batch gone! Next batch ordered…


How are your Euro modules and patch cord boxes coming along?

Thanks. The VG2 module kit has been selling good. Built ones will be available soon through dealers. I dropped the inline module idea and ported the designs over to modules (which is where the VG2 came from). The initial costs of having cases made was craaaazy expensive. Like, 5 digits.

That is a crazy price for such small cases!

I have been considering jumping into euroland sometime soon. It also doesn’t help that I got a Werkstatt on sale at GearFest this year.

It’s the molds that cost so much. I was quoted at about $7 each. I needed 2. That’s just to get the molds made. Then there’s production costs! Of course it probably didn’t help that the guy I hired to design it was a complete tool and didn’t do his homework then tried to blame me for his poor design choices.

Yeah, molds are expensive for small runs. I think you will have more luck using standard modules. No harm putting them in a stand-alone case full of passive modules. :slight_smile:

New batch of PCB’s in stock!

When you think that the metal box is available?

As soon as Adrian gets em and announces it. I haven’t heard anything new in about a month.

Hey, I’m glad to see that the MI instruments are still being made.

Are there any plans to resurrect the Anushri or any other filter boards?

Anushri is highly unlikely.

I will be selling SMR-4 filter (which I have but am waiting to put up in the store) and am planning on ordering a batch of the dual SVF filter next.