USA source for Shruthi-1 mounting hardware

I was wondering if anyone had any good recommendations for economical places to purchase the M3 6mm screws, washers, and nuts for Shruthi-1 builds. Also, I am a little unsure of what the actual mechanical parts and quantities should be for the Shruthi-1 boards since these mechanical parts are not listed in any of the BOMs. I found one place for hardware that seems ok, but would love any feedback. See below:

I compiled a list of all the shruthi hardware on this spreadsheet. It’s in the last tab. I ordered all of the Ambika hardware from digikey as well. It came to $50 or so. I did a quick google search for standoffs and was finding prices 2x - 3x what digikey is. I can pm you the part numbers if you want. I wasn’t going to put them up in an available bom until I can confirm they fit right. I don’t want to share bad info.

Your link doesn’t appear to be working…but it might be me.

Ah, so it doesn’t. Posting from my phone isn’t the best for that kinda stuff. It’s been fixed.

Mcmaster-carr has everything

> Altitude:, just did a quick look at McMaster and for the M/F Standoffs, they seem to be twice the cost of Digikey. This is the 12mm M/F I got from DK 952-1503-ND (sorry, couldn’t get the link to work) is $.95 and here is a McMaster 12mm M/F is 2.93.

EDIT: F/F 20mm Aluminum Standoff from DK 24437K-ND is $.60. McMaster for same is $.76. Would sure love to find somewhere cheaper. The prices are bad when you’re building a shruthi. Just over $5. It was a bit of a jaw drop when I saw the total for the Ambika.

That’s nice work on the digikey BOM qp!
I will make use of this!

> Paulewogg, thanks! Glad it’s going to good use other than my OCD :slight_smile:

I have an extreme case of CDO too…
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