US shruthi repair?

Have been trying to repair my shruthi for quite some time and starting to get really frustrated. I lIve in the U.S and is expensive to ship to Germany. Does anyone know of anyone in the states that could repair a shruthi? Was working fine for awhile after I built.

I tried emailing…I will try again thank you shiftr!

He is here on the forum to as qp

Thanks man. I sent another contact form but don’t want to bug him. Also I’m curious if it is the ATMEL chip or something of that sort. I have a feeling it can be fixed but also its been so long that I am ready to just order another pre built :frowning: from tube ohm but I’m not sure…

Did you send me an email before? Sorry about that if I never replied. I got pretty swamped over the past several months. I’m usually pretty good about responding but I’m sure one or two slip past. I’ll check my emails this evening and get back to you.

Totally ok! Thank you so much! This should work…
Here is a picture and those lines move across the screen about every five seconds or so…

Can you upload the pic here? Can’t seem to access it.

It’s saying the file is to big :frowning: max 1mb but there’s no way it’s 1mb

Gonna try from computer

here…and it moves across the screen like this…scrolling kind of off and on

And yea qp I did fill out 2 contact forms (sorry) kosmonauts and modifier is me! Thanks for your time!