US Based Eurorack cases. 12u 104HP

Anyone have a reasonable source for one? I was planning on designing my own but time is at a premium and I may just go buy one. No PSU or hardware is needed and I am not looking to spend thousands of dollars

None that I can think of. Only place that comes to mind is Synthrotek, but they only have up to 6U I believe. You could try contacting Steve at Synthrotek. Maybe he could do something custom

Or maybe contact Elite and see if they’d sell you their 12U studio case without power. I have that case and absolutely love it.


Ooo I haven’t seen that. That’s a fucking awesome price!

Sammy123, do you have s link? All I’m seeing are those 9U VC3 style cases.

Yeah i made a mistake…its 9u. Sorry about that… :frowning:

I’m not opposed to 9u Astoundingly inexpensive, I think it’s the r12 something. That plus some heks, awesome. Maybe 150 for the case, 120 for 3x tiptop rails? I started with this, then migrated and reused the heks with two of jninek 's nice ems style cases.

link? Cant seem to find anything

This could be nice.

Hmm. Interesting, bit narrower than I was looking but cant beat the price. I may just go ahead with my original plans, I have a place that has a bed that is 5 ft capable and can do 1/2" wood for laser cutting.