Uploading patches - where to find elektron C6?

Hello folks!

I’m having some trouble uploading patches to the shruthi… I could not find anywhere elektron C6 to download (probably not supported anymore) so I tried sending the sysex files I found on the “patch sharing area” with midi-OX but on the display I always got the “#”… even changing delays to 250-300-400ms.
I downloaded “shruthi editor 1.03” and It works well when sending and receiving controls from the shruthi, but when I try “load program” it says “could not load patch and sequence”, for all the syx file I got.

What should I do? Is there someone who has an old elektron C6 installer (win) to share?
I even updated to firmware 1.02 but nothing changes… in fact to me it seems even more complicate, since patches and sequences are all toghether.
Is it still possible uploading a syx file containing only the patch or the sequence?
When the shruthi receives a new patch/patch+sequence does it store it automatically on the first free bank? (17, for instance?) Or do I get only the “parameters set” and then have I to save them manually setting name and position?

Thank you all very much,

mic.w posted the link

it’s right here.

mic.w was faster :wink:

You can get C6 here

Thank you Sadly it doesn’t work even with the C6.
I can get only the # symbol!

I tryed setting different delays, the # simply blinks slower… any suggestion?
Could it be the supercheap chinese midi adapter? It works fine with the shruthi editor, so I presume some midi comands work as they should…

Which MIDI interface do you use?

One of these… https://www.amazon.com/VicTsing-Cable-Converter-Keyboard-Adapter/dp/B00ACGMOA6/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1469976544&sr=8-1&keywords=midi+usb

Most of these device don’t handle SysEx properly.

Ok then, I didn’t trust it in the first place…
Thank you again for your support!

FYI I’ve had no issues using one of those cables to transfer patches and firmware to my Shruthi and Anushri, however my old Axon AX-100 didn’t like receiving SysEx dumps from it.

same here. i think i’ve successfully updated my shruthis several times with such generic cheapo usb-midi-adapters…

I’ve updated firmware successfully with a C6 + Delta Audiophile 2496 + Windows 10 combo BUT for some reason it someitimes takes several attempts.

How did you do it? Any magic delay settings or just plug and play and C6?

No magic. C6 with the recommended settings and several attempts.

(I may be imagining but on my system the firmware update sometimes process restarts depending on what else is going on the computer and other connected devices like mouse movements etc. it may be very specific to my setup though. Note that I’ve done A LOT of successful firmware updates in the YAM development though)

i just increase the delay until it worked on my machine
10% increase until it worked!

I’ll give it another try then!
… I updated the firmware using isp programmer, if only there was a trick to write the patches on the eeprom in the same way…