Upgrade for Roland VP-9000

This is the idea


USB MIDI cables are dirt cheap, so don’t bother with changing the MIDI ports.

SCSI is not as cheap, but SCSI to USB is available.

I will say that rewriting the VP-9000 firmware to use USB instead of SCSI is probably not going to be possible.

The advantage of doing it this way is that you will have the tools needed to use several older synths instead of just the one. :slight_smile:

Or just buy a V-Synth, it has USB MIDI and PCMCIA/Compact Flash. Does everything the VP-9000 does and more with a nicer interface.

This should be not hard work. You should do this for fun and recreation.USB-Midi is not the same like standart Midi. You have to change the firmware to use it with a computer. That means somehow you have to program another microcontroller. But the best is, when you make a new PCB to change old components into new ones

>This should be not hard work.


TBH, you could just put the adapters internally and just expose the new ports. No code changes required at all.

If it’s not hard work why don’t you do it yourself?

I thought anyone has any experience in that…I’ll do it by myself
(foolish pics)

I replaced the zip drive with an internal compact flash reader in my VP9000. It is pretty easy.

If you leave the rear panel scsi in place you can daisy chain it to other scsi synths. That way you can use one compact flash drive and share it with many synths. I hooked up a kurzweil k2000 to my VP9000 via a scsi cable and used the same compact flash card for both.

It is still a piece of shit though. The only thing I liked was the effects processor, especially the lofi effect, but you couldn’t pass external audio through it. It felt like the designers were determined it was not going to be a synth so there are no filters or envelopes. The V-Synth is so much better.