Updating mutable-dev-environment

I want to build a custom effect using the mutable-dev-environment. For this I am using my own audio component C++ library that requires at least C++17 and since the gcc version that is included in the mutable-dev-environment is quite old, compiling currently fails.

As a first step, I have attempted to update Ubuntu, but unfortunately afterwards I am no longer able to do vagrant ssh (i.e. vagrant hangs and timeouts eventually on the line “SSH auth method: private key”).

Is there anyone who has been able to update gcc successfully or perhaps could give me some pointers on how to approach this?

Thanks in advance

You can download gcc directly and put it somewhere, e.g. ~/dev/gccXYZ/...
Then you can configure the path to gcc in the makefile.
I’ve been doing that to have multiple versions of gcc alongside each other.

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Thanks for the suggestion. I will give that a try.

Got it working! I did have to make a few modifications to some source files in stmlib to circumvent some compiler and deprecation errors, but after that everything seems to build just fine.