Updating MIDIpal

First off, sorry to make my first post a request. Hope to be able to constructively add to the forum in the future. Secondly, thanks to MI and Olivier, I’ve made my way into eurorack. I’ve been a synth user for awhile, but always steered clear of modular, in favor of old vintage gear. Just having clouds/rings/veils is ever surprising and inspiring, so thanks!

I need some help updating the firmware of my newly acquired Midipal (which is amazing). I got it mostly for the Arp and Tanpura settings, however the unit is running 1.1 (no Tanpura).

This may seem ridiculous, but I have no idea how to update via sysex or midi. I only have access to my girlfriend’s old Lenovo running windows 10 and library wifi. I have an unused Focusrite Sapphire pro 24 interface too. Maybe I could borrow a mac running Logic and protools. Do I need a specific midi interface? Do I need to download a program? Is there a tutorial for this stuff?

I’ve consulted the web and read the manual. And am honestly in over my head with this firmware stuff. Any way someone could walk me through the steps?

My apologies for being such a Luddite🤦‍♂️

Thank You!

If your interface has MIDI ports, it’s good!

You don’t need a Mac or any expensive program.

As a sysex transfer program, you can use Elektron C6

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Thank you for the reply and the link! I’ll give it a go tomorrow! May return with further questions though…