Updating MI firmware with RadioMusic?

Anyone tried this?

Can´t think of why it wouldn’t work, but I would love to have confirmation!

I love the idea of Radio Music being used to update modular firmware. Your local grocery store should carry Android phones for around 30USD. Install VLC on it, and you are good to go. :slight_smile:

Works like a charm. If you get the latest beta from Github, you’ll also get a much stabler and feature-rich module! (but with no documentation at this point)

Hadn’t thought of this… but yeah makes sense! But doesn’t the audio from the Radiomusic always play in a continuous loop?

Is it about updating the firmware of the Radio Music, or updating the firmware of a Mutable Instruments’ (or 4ms) with a Radio Music?

I was hoping I had a quick and easy way to update my MI modules (or Pamela´s for that matter) with a micro sd popped into the RadioMusic as a player for the firmware.

ah sorry, i was completely off topic here :confused:

I can’t believe I haven’t thought of this. I believe if you go into the settings file for the radio music, you can toggle a setting to make it play only once (no looping), but don’t quote me on that. However, this beta firmware for the Radio Music sounds interesting. I might have to look into it. I also really ought to make some more sound banks for mine…

Hmm… Sounds a bit like a solution for a non-existent problem.

Rather than having to go through the whole hassle of converting the firmware WAV to RAW, putting it on an SD card with the right directory structure, editing the config file on the SD card, patching the Radio Music to the module in question, fiddling with the Radio Music controls to make sure you have the correct sample… why not just connect your computer soundcard (or headphone socket, even) directly to the module?

Sometimes I think that people are just a little bit tooo hung up on keeping their modular synths seperate from their computers, when there are certain scenarios where it’s just waaay easier to run a cable from one to the other.

Maybe I’m reading the intention of the original poster wrong here, and this isn’t in fact a case of ‘computers have no place in music-making’ dogmatism, in which case I apologise.


Actually, might I suggest that the Eurotrash module would be a better bet, if you did want to do this. The reason being that it has a screen, making selecting the correct firmware file much easier.

It’s also worth bearing in mind that many modules will require re-calibrating after having the firmware swapped, so it’s never going to be an instant process, irrespective of what system you use to play the firmware file.


I agree that preparing this is a hassle. I forgot I had to make it into RAW.

Maybe Disting MKIII´s sample play is easier?

I was thinking of maybe having alternate firmware and stock, and being able to have the peace of mind of swapping in case I was away from the computer.

Another use could be as alternative to update hard to do modules like the Pamela´s Workout that is bit sensitive to the quality of the playback.

Plus, as a last bit, I have a Roland Efx Demora module that has a “remote in” that listens to updates to the config permanently, and I could have the Radio Music swapping configs just a trigger away mid performance.

why not just get an el cheapo mp3 player that can play wavs?

I already have other means to update the firmware, this was just a bit of lateral thinking, triggered by the way the Roland Efx digital modules have an always listening “remote in” jack.

And I already have a RadioMusic module so didn´t hurt asking.