Update to os 0.55b doesn't work

somehow i can’t update the os.
i hooked it up via GM5.
playing with the computer keyboard works, so i kinda have a midi connection.
but after 46sec when it’s over it shows os .54 again.
i followed glitched’s advice in the other thread.
but the behaviour of the LEDs also doesn’t correspond to the description in the manual.
bummer… i have no clue here what i did wrong.
any ideas?

crap i don’t know how to embed the video, so here’s the link:

well, i just tried it again, this time with the GM5X5X5 and i have exactly the same result.

What are you using for software? Make sure you’re passing sysex. Try playing back the file, not in OS Update mode. Do you see a “#” in the upper left-hand corner? If not, something is wrong with your ability to play back sysex and get it to the shruti…

i’m using MIDI-OX and yes, i have the # showing on the left. BUT:
trying to switch on PASS SYSEX it first says "selected number of input sysex buffers is less than 2! defaulting to 2."
when i click ok it says “not enough memory for sysex out buffer no 1 for USB audiogerät. releasing all output buffers”

OK, so that’s a part of Midi-OX. I don’t think it has anything to do with MIDIbar, which is a standalone app that midi-ox launches. So as long as you’ve got your port right and you’ve got the # showing up, i’m not sure… Could be a problem with your interface…?

sorry I’m not more help…

Do you get normal MIDI reception besides that (no stuck or missing notes) ? Have you tried playing the file from a simple sequencer?

I gotta get familiar with these tools you guys are using - I’ve never heard of them before.

you’re a mac dude, right?

midi-ox pretty much sets the bar for low-level MIDI monitoring, filtering, mapping, etc… I don’t know of anything else that comes close…

But it’s windows only.

Have you tried to put in a bigger delay between the buffers ?


Again, not sure, but I don’t think the buffer settings are going to do anything here as that’s a MIDI-OX setting and not related to MIDIbar. If he were sending a .syx file, this would make a difference, but just playing back a MIDI file shouldn’t change anything…

The help file for MIDI-OX offers the following about the “play MIDI” command:

“This menu command starts the external MIDI Player you have selected under Options | Select MIDI Player. By default a small MIDI Player that uses the services provided by Windows (MCI) called MidiBar is selected. MidiBar is provided free of charge with the MIDI-OX installation. You can choose to run any executable file, however. See Select MIDI Player under the Options menu”

Delay? That’s one thing I’m curious about… If I were to send a raw blob of data this delay option would make sense… But the files I post are midifiles, they already have timestamps in place for each block with enough delay between them… Maybe midiox extracts the entire SysEx data and repack it with its own buffering/delays?

I had the same problem as you Rosh when i used Elektron TM-1 usb-midi interface ! i advise you to use midi out port from your soundcard !
That’s working better like this !
Use MidiBar and .mid file 0.55b !

I’m sure that MidiBar is not the problem but it’s your midi interface GM5 !

From my own experience with updating firmware via midi the only problem for me was to little delay between the buffers for examples
the DSI Evolver , Alesis Micron , Nord Modular - but of course this depends on what midi interface you use .

My own experience with midi interfaces is to avoid all soundcards with included midi interface ,
Use simple usb midi interface like the Edirol UM1sx , this always works for me.

(EDIT: when i checked my emails i found that i had a discussion with Novation about making a firmware upgrade on the K-station -
i got it to work with a 160 ms delay )

I have used RME HDSP midi port and MidiBar and that’s working but you’re right Jakelost with delay sometimes that’s resolved problem.
But in our case with shruti-1, i have tried to put 5 s of delay and same problem with Elektron TM-1 interface.

The only solution has been to used directly midi port of my RME sound card

Just use a sequencer to play the midi file. Worked fine on my GM5x5 though cubase but would hang with midiox and SendSX. This is not a syx file that midiox/sendSX can normally play, it is just a midi file and what ever the difference is what’s causing the problem

>Do you get normal MIDI reception besides that (no stuck or missing notes) ?
i couldn’t tell from the kbd function in midi-ox, so i tried it with the keyboard in mios studio and that worked, also CC data.

>Have you tried playing the file from a simple sequencer?
nope, still have to download one. any recommendations (freeware)?

>…these tools you guys are using –
i’m using the ploytec GM5 or GM5x5x5 interface, info on www.ucapps.de
(the gm5x5x5 is an expansion)

first i have to say: of course they can be the problem, because I have built them.
but strange thing is then they both show the same behaviour.

they actually should work because i could upload midibox sid and fm firmwares in the past, and that works with sysex.

silly thing is my soundcard doesn’t have a midi jack.

tried to increase the delay but didn’t change anything.

sometimes i try to play the file a dialog box opens and tells me to go to the control panel and install drivers, but when i go there it says the usb device is ready for use. i can do all regular midi stuff…

ok i’ll try it with a sequencer

Looks like the MB stuff is distributed as files with just the firmware data as a big blob, and no buffering/timestamping info… MIDI ox is chunking it and sending it at the given rate. What I distribute is different, it is already buffered (with buffer corresponding to flash page sizes for the AVR), with a reasonable timing between blocks. But I’ll install this stuff on my windows image - maybe I can package firmware update files that would work better with them.

seems like i’m even worse at using software than i thought…
so far i’ve downloaded and installed 2 programs, but i don’t understand a thing what i have to do.
i searched for midi sequencers, found a player that didn’t work (midi glass player) and a sequencer with which i couldn’t even open a midi file (macaw 6)
maybe i better get me a usbtiny, but then i’ll have to cope with that pc stuff too

On the mac I had success with the sweet midi player from http://www.ronimusic.com
I tried it with Ableton and Cubase but was confused about the different tracks.
Unfortunaley osx is lacking such a tool like midi ox

it’s kinda funny, still. now i’ve installed another sequencer (anvil) but didn’t succeed, of course. but nevermind. i guess i shouldn’t expect instant everything, the only software sequencer i’ve used (and which i actually know a bit of) runs on an atari st, so maybe i should get used to those things first.
or i could purchase the new firmware already on chip from the headquarters?

but maybe it’s really my gm5, i think i remember having had some trouble with the synthlib sid editor (if i remember the name correctly), i’d have to check that again…