Update 0.91?

Hi, my shurti is 0.91 and i have some strange things sometime.
is there an update i hear about 0.93 beta on forum but can’t find good links to updates and full step by step procedure.


The manual is here . Check the “updating the firmware by MIDI” section.

Firmware update MIDI files can be downloaded here

What are the “strange things” you are referring to? The v0.91 was quite stable and firmware updates are mostly providing new features rather than solving issues.

well when i send program change, the program name and sound does change but the program number stays the same.
also when i record the midi outputs of the shurti because i want to record an automation, then i get the right CC but also tons other CC everywhere se,nding values making it totaly mess :slight_smile:

Ok, the program change thing has been fixed in v0.93. There’s also a new “controller” MIDI mode which sends only the program changes corresponding to the knobs’ motion. So you have two good reasons to update to 0.93!