Upcoming Ambika kit questions

With the unfortunate news that production of Ambikas is going to end I’m feeling like I need to go ahead and pull the trigger. The announcement mentioned several Ambika ‘kits’ and ‘bundles’. Are these kits simply PCB and metal case or do they include all the misc components (caps, resistors, diodes, etc) to build an Ambika? Is it possible to preorder one of these kits or someway to be alerted to their availability without having to monitor Facebook?

The kits contain all parts needed, Case is separate, no Preorders.

Frank got it almost right: there will be 40 kits with a metal case ; and 9 kits without case - for those who prefer to get a plexi case separately or bought the metal case before in a fever…

There will be a countdown.

A little off topic, but are you planning on keeping the “instruments” section of the MI website online, with all the various shruthi/ambika/anushri DIY reference material and manuals?

Incidentally, shame about discontinuing the DIY stuff, but totally understandable. Thanks for all you’ve done for open hardware and DIY music - you’re responsible for getting me started in something I’ve really enjoyed, and for helping me learn a shitload about electronics that I wouldn’t have been likely to have learned otherwise.

It’ll gradually move to “Other Projects > The attic”.

Cool, glad to hear it’ll remain available. Was just wondering whether I should be rushing to archive the info.

After a very successful experience when building Shruti, I was considering to add an Ambika to my setup but realized that the kit is no longer available. I do not mind ordering the additional components from Mouser assuming the programmed controller is provided, can you please confirm this is available ? also, what about the case ? I love the plexiglas case of my Shruti and look forward to get the similar one for the Ambika, is it still available ?
Oh and BTW : why is that Ambika is getting phased out ? Or at least does not get the same focus as before ?
Many thanks in advance for your feedback,

edit : please disregard the above, I Should have read this more closely.
Thank you Olivier for your amazing work, I look forward to playing my brand new Ambika !

Read this and your questions will be fully answered!
(And without Olivier having to re-explain)