Unused C64, what can I do with it?

I have a very nice Commodore 64 C, I put into a brown breadbin case with heatsinked ICs and a nice greenish monitor from philips from back in the days. I used to play around with it with the MSSIAH cart, but since I have built myself a SammichSID I don’t use it anymore (btw. If anybody is interested in a MSSIAH cart, I’d be willing to sell it). So I was wondering. Since I love my C64… what could I do with it? Play games? Maybe buy one of those 1541 Ultimate carts, or what else could I do with it? I really don’t want to sell it, but it’s just catching dust right now…

Get Mssiah!

LOL, read it again. He already has one :slight_smile:

Silly me :smiley:
I just read the topic…

But anyway, there are SD card things for the C64. I’ve yet to find an easily available one. What can you do on an old computer? play games, watch demos (recent ones) or try to program it. Not much else you can do unless you want to try to expand it.

Ill come around for a bit of Fort Apocalypse…

2-player Bruce Lee was always fun :slight_smile:

I had a Competition Pro . . .

i still have some, if you need one :slight_smile:

I had the red button version and then when I got my Amiga A500 I got the yellow buttoned version. I have them somewhere.

so playing games seems the thing to do! :slight_smile:
Actually I miss some of the really cool games I used to play on the C64… and people also keep developing new ones!

playing The Last Ninja yeahhhhhhh

Does anybody know Vampires Empire?

Commando. That was the shit. And Ultima!

I see it this way. while those days have gone there are still loads of games you never played. Plus there’s quite a few I never completed and I’ve gone through a few adventure games I never finished and completed them with some help from online guides.

It all depends how much time you have spare.

Forbidden Forrest was the creepiest game as a kid. The theme music was super eerie. When the spiders got you they just chewed on your head for two minutes…blood spewed forth. Crazy game. It’s worth keeping for games.

I’m also big fan of Super Bump N’ Jump.

Yeah, forbidden forest was good. Great music. Beyond the forbidden forest was even better. I like the little dance he does when he kills all of the creatures in one scene.

There was a 3D PC version but it just lacked the atmosphere of the original.

Forbidden forest 3

There’s so many cool C64 games.

Boulder Dash Construction Kit.
Spy vs Spy
Monty on the Run
Little Computer People (decades before the SIMS appeared).

ok you convinced me, I’ll get a 1541 Unlimited cart from http://www.1541ultimate.net/
just need to wait until I have the money… the thing is not cheap…

SD2IEC seems to be simpler.