Recently, while house-sitting for a friend who has a rather extensive home studio, I thought I would take the opportunity to make it a self retreat and try and record an album that was mellow and melodic using the generative music techniques I had been using with the modular.

Each song started off as generative patches on the modular, typically the Turing Machine controlling the DPO/Maths/Optomix, which I would sample and layer on the Octatrack. When I had the bones of a song, I would switch over to the DAW and continue to add arrangements using the instruments not usually available to me. I even invited a couple friends over to add some intruments (cello, vox, and guitar) that I really can’t play. Finally, when I was pretty happy with everything, I would run everything through Fostex Spring Reverb, which I think is a really special and appealing sound.

Some gear used on this album: DPO, Optomix, Maths, Turing machine, 2HP Tune, Disting, Braids, Rings, Atlantis, 0-Coast, Sub 37, Digitone, CS-60, SH-01a, Chronoblob, Moogerfooger Delay, Audulus, Piano, Toy Piano, Cello, Nord Electro 6 (Harpsichord, organ, clavanet, and vibraphone), Cat, probably other stuff I can’t think of.

Sonically I was heavily inspired by the likes of Ray Lynch, Suzanne Ciani, Cluster, and Ennio Morricone. I like the generative ambient modular stuff as much as the next guy, but I wanted to push it in as far of a melodic/composed direction as I could. So there is plenty of textural exploration, but hopefully not to the point that you aren’t carried along by the pattern of the notes.

Slightly less glamorous, but Yarns was absolutely critical for bridging the Octatrack to the Modular. I love how flexible the interface can be without having to connect it to a computer to switch up what the outputs do. Beyond that I would say thank you to you fellow forum members who share their musical creations and serve as inspiration to not just endlessly noodle.

Feedback and questions are, of course, welcome.


Some really inspired tracks! Many bouncy synth sounds, varied instrumentation and inspired compositions. Light and Iris, All Rings Align, Aether Astrid, Over Land and Sea and Wake of the Moon are my favorites. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for taking the time to listen to so many songs, really brightens my day. :dove::sunrise_over_mountains::champagne:

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