Universal AC/AC powersupply, does that even exist?

Hi guys,
I’m glad to see that there are still conversations going on in the ambika section! But I thought that this topic applies to quite a lot of different gear!

I’m moving abroad for the second time with my Ambika and realized that I need to buy yet another AC adapter where I’m going. Again… (I’m currently in the US, came from France, now moving to Japan…)
And to be honest that’s not the only piece of gear I’m having this problem with…

So my question is, and I think i know the answer already, do universal ac/ac powersupplies exist.
I mean a powersupply that takes 100V to 240V input and gives 9VAC output (or 12VAC, etc…)

and if you think that it does, do you have a link to buy one
thanks a lot for your help!