Unexpected behavior from peaks

I was wondering if any one else has seen this behavior. I am unable to tell if it is a problem with my system, a bug, or by design.

When patching the same clock source (multed via links) to peaks in tap tempo mode one channel locks onto the tempo while the other either divides it or locks then divides then locks. The behavior is somewhat erratic but still rhythmic and interesting.

My peaks stopped doing this moment and was locking both channels. After cycling power however the unexpected behavior persisted only having switch channels which was locking and which was erratic.

I doubt this is a hardware issue as the trigger inputs work fine in all other modes even when receiving multed gate.

Maybe the trigger is too short? Can you try using a longer trigger signal? Like a square wave LFO with 50% pusle width.

I’ve tried a variety of duty cycles, and the result is the same even with 50%. The issue only happens when sending the same gate to both inputs via a mult.

Hmm, I tried it myself now. Going from Grids into a passive mult, then going into peaks setup in its twin mode. For me, both LFOs sync up nicely.

I’m running the DMC firmware, though.

I just tried on a friends and they don’t have the unexpected behavior, although they are also using DMC. Mine is too new to try DMC, I did purchase it used though…

This happens to me too once in a while. I experience it with 4ms Quad Clock Distributor as a trigger source.

I also experience some weird envelope triggering which could be related to this issue (or is it a feature?) when using triggers with an envelope (expert mode) which has an Attack time on it, I made a video of this behaviour.