Underwater Synthesizer

dolphins have short attention spans and expect you to be interesting or entertaining. The moment you stop being that they will go on to something / somewhere else.

Ahhh, the facebook generation :frowning:

What did you say?

Nice! I’ve been waiting for this :slight_smile:

Too bad they weren’t that interested…
Isn’t there any way to multiply the frequency output, so as to get higher pitches?

With a ring modulator ?

Ah… didn’t think of that… :slight_smile:

Perhaps modulate with something like this: Crystal 32.768KHz CMOS Oscillator

i came across a documentary on the german/frech tv station arte which made me remember this thread.
it is about neurology and music.
towards the end there is some stuff about the question if animals are able to make/understand music. (as music - not only like speech/communication) maybe it is interesting for someone.

there is no english version, but german and french

Read Lilly The Mind in the Water? used copies here www.abebooks.com. I’m thinking a noisebug is more clicky butas its in water and involves body capacitance…