Understanding circuit design more

Say one is super happy building and kit and realizes they would like to further their understanding and be able to prototype their own components.

Do you guys have any tips for resources or reading material?

I would like to start by understanding a VCO, and then building one myself breadboard style. I am to the point of wrapping my head around individual components, but when I look at a big ol schematic, it makes me dizzy lol.

Is there an easy way to isolate the anushri VCO schematic to understand it more? I think it would be awesome to set a goal of giving it a second osc.

Thanks for any help!

Hi thecyantist,
excuse my poor english
I just read agood book and it’s caled: electronics for dummies
(l’électronique pour les nuls)
and I can say that is far better than the title appear to be.
It cover a lot of thing, CI and audio circuits comprehension.

I,m about to buy an Anushri and I certainly want to do some mods myself… one day :slight_smile:

have a nice day!

Thanks for the tip Denis :slight_smile:

If you can commit 3 months of weekends, I would strongly recommend the edX free 6002x course offered online by MIT-I did it last year. It is very hard, but gives you a foundation in electronics you wouldn’t get from magazines or looking at schematics.

“You must know basic calculus and linear algebra and have some background in differential equations.”

Math is unfortunately my weakness, I would need to get a much better educational platform to even begin with that class, But it also looks like it is my cup o’ tea.

Regarding “isolating” Anushri’s VCO, that’s page 3 of the schematics. It’s a simple schematics but there’s simply too much stuff happening at the same time here for someone with no prior experience.

So start with the basics… Lighting a LED, understanding the meaning of voltage/current/resistance, then simple circuits illustrating the properties of these quantities to apply Kirchhoff/Millman, then basic op-amp circuits (inverting amp, non-inverting amp, summer, low-pass and high-pass filter). Then learn about OTAs and/or the V2164. Then VCFs, then VCOs.

For basic electronics, I recommend all about circuits

For synth-specific things, I recommend Aaron Laterman’s class material (that’s how I learned)

You’ll still need math to understand what’s going on and know how to act upon it.

Thank you! That is definitely a great place to start. You give such a great service to your company, it is quite the blessing. I cannot wait to see how MI evolves.

Aaron Laterman’s Class is just what I was looking for.

It all started by building a 555 timer 1bit digital square wave, and then moved on to Schmidt triggers, and passive filters. I finally just decided I want much more and know I can absorb the info with a little “point of the finger” in the right direction.

Thanks again. My Anushri is traveling over international waters, and I have got my new and improved workstation cleared and ready to adventure!

I hadn’t done the maths since final year high school in (cough, cough) 1985, but I muddled through. The maths is important because it changes what’s going on in analogue circuits from a great mystery to something you can understand (and control) through numbers-in fact that was probably my biggest insight of the whole course- but it was still hard going, agreed. All the best with however you study it :slight_smile:

Google Beavis Audio Research. His website is really fun and will give you some basic insight into electronics. He gives colour to a subject that can be a bit dry.

Wow. this last one is a gem ! Thanks.


I found Forrest mim’s notebook to be pretty good references too. Especially the one on op-amps since it’s got design for all the classics (followers, amplifiers, clippers, filters)


The hardest for me right now it to get how to use OTA (I got a couple of CA3080) in the context of CV (filter/resonance) control. So if anyone’s got a good pointer for that, I’d be happy to read more

There are links to vidéo classes on that topic somewhere on the forum. I don’t have it right now because i am on mobile device not my pc. Will look it up later.


here: http://users.ece.gatech.edu/~lanterma/ems/

I watched lanterman before and again now. From 3 out of 5 videos I saw, he triped over his own cables … suggestions?

there is a book by this gentleman, you should be able to find: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Forrest_Mims
it’s handwritten with alot of nice illustrations innit

And if you get tired of learning electronics or conventional soldering, you can always use the electronic parts in the following way: