Uncredited german CVpal clone

Just saw this while browsing their site (they have an interesting PSU) :

The board was slightly modified for doepfer style sockets but there is no mention of Mutable Instruments…


No word about the license. We should ask them about it.

Interesting with the © 2016 by them… Hmm…

Yep def. looks like a CVpal clone. The MEK / UK electronic guys should know better than this, they’ve been making DIY kits for ages now.

I’m wondering about the euro power connector. What’s the point? Shorting the euro system’s ground with the USB device’s ground? Powering +5V euro module from USB?

The owner of the site has contacted me, some changes are on the way…



TBH, they probably only had to ask “can I use your design” etc.

Nothing to ask… mention that it’s a derivative of an original project by Olivier Gillet, post the modified files, keep the original cc-by-sa notice on the board, and certainly not put your copyright on it.

True. That would be pretty easy to do :slight_smile:

I don’t understand why people claim ownership of others work like this. It’s not going to make it more likely to sell…