Well… Here it is. It works and I love it.


sweet. that looks amazing. and just the right size!~

is that a pactec?

looks great! ANd really heavy as well… what is the large rectangular hole below the buttons?

Don’t have it in front of right now, but I’m pretty sure it’s a Carlon. Got it at Home Depot for $12. :slight_smile: Actually I got 2 of them.
This is the rough draft that I was going to scrap. But after all the work it grew on me with all it’s uglyness and imperfections and utility. The robots “mouth” was just an early attempt at square buttons gone wrong. Too much dremel. Then I figured I could place .125 inch (3mm) metal bars/spacers between the buttons, hence the fang impressions. So now it’s just a mouth and it won’t shut up. It will need to be covered though.
It’s still a work in progress but most importantly I can move it around and pick it up without having to worry too much.

It’s actually really light.

cool! it looks very stable. i’ve copied (almost) dnigrin’s cardboard approach, actually to be able to move it around without stressing the connections. but i’ve already learned from playing with it that i have the knobs too close to the display (in my taste, of course) that way i continuously obscure the display with my hand. i’m curious how i’ll do it in the end.

putting the pots for the input/output volume on the back is actually a great idea! Think I’ll borrow that one! :slight_smile: I like the squareness of the thing!