UK Source for WIMA 2.5mm-Pitch Capacitors

This company, Rapid has the 2.5mm pitch WIMA caps I’ve been having problems tracking down anywhere else.

Hopefully my latest Farnell order will come and they will have sent the correct size component this time. This has been a good illustration of how you shouldn’t always believe the photo on the site. There are several instances where the smaller 2.5mm WIMA capacitor package is shown, but the item actually has a larger 5mm pitch, so won’t fit on the board where a smaller one is required.

Unfortunately, the specs on the datasheet are also very confusing, and list bother types, but apparently without the part numbers necessary to find out which is which. Very frustrating.


yo a|x,

i have to source some parts from reichelt, if you like ill throw these caps in an envelope 4 u…

@fcd72 that’s kind, mate. Hopefully I have the parts I need now. Mind you, based on my experience with the Sidekick (which is a relatively simple board), I’m thinking my chances of the Dual SVF working after I’ve dropped in those last remaining caps are pretty slim…


i wouldn’t say that. i’ve messed up the little digital filter board somehow with its few components and also thought, man how will the SVF be? it worked first time, although it’s really dense.
i got used to check description/datasheets some time ago, since reichelt don’t care too much for their pics too. for example all AVR’s are shown with a little window on top (like eproms). must be expensicve to scan a new picture.

yeah, reichelts really good at saving webspace by reusing images… but the article number is quite clear and there are almost everywhere specs or eveb .pdf datasheets availabel available

i have the physical catalogue here, that saves a lot of searching their stock.
oh, article numbers… hmmm, i should make more use of these (like buying the right AVRs for example :smiley: )

That’s encouraging re. the SVF, rosch. I have the Digital Filter to do, too though, so I’m bound to screw up one or the other…
After that, and the new Shruthi Control board, I have to make a start on my SammichFM, and the joys of SMT soldering. I’m not massively looking forward to that (as I’ve mentioned before), but hopefully I’ll manage. The step-by-step build documentation seems pretty clear for that project, anyway.