How it all started with sequencing…

Btw the german name of this brazilian bird is Flageolettzaunkönig.
Haven’t heard of a caipibara whistling ?

Sounds exactly like the bleeps and blurps i do every night - you are trying to trick us with the “Dense Jungle Atmosfear” preset from the MX-300 for ambience, dont you?

I wonder if it has a clock input…

oh no, not that audio rate modulation thing…

Waiting for gieskes to put electrodes in there…

should we start a Flageotlettzaunkönig-Sound-A-Like™ Contest??

This guy gets somewhat close in a sound-a-like contest. :wink:


Fake but funny

At 16s


At 10 s

At tb323
Puh, what kind of BIRD is that.
I guess he misses about 9 out of 10 tones…

@strangenoize: at least. :slight_smile: