UFO seen in Paris!

Wahhh. That was crazy. My girlfriend and I saw this while doing our daily jog. We were so scared we immediately ran home.

It made a pulsating sound, like the “Migrax” preset on the Shruthi-1. No recording sorry :frowning:


Let’s hope it didn’t crash somewhere… might have left something on the ground…

Shame you couldn’t have borrowed some alien technology, would have made a cool synth.

maybe fcd72 forgot to lock his hangar :wink:

Jogging at night can be dangerous.

heh. pity your camera doesn’t have a flash :wink:

so what needs to happen at this point before the device gets unveiled? docs to be written up? further refinement of the proto?

with some powerfull imaging algorithm here what u can see:

a real UFO

A Stereo Shruthi???

A Shruthi-1 with lots of buttons!

@EATYone: this empty space at the right of the unit. Put a matrix of 4x4 pads there.

@fcd72: hmmm, that would be coherent with the two jacks on your desk!

But it has 5 Pots per row …extra Parameters? Which? What?

The Blue light on the right another mutable Instruments Thingie?


Let’s CSI the crap out of that picture. Image enhance!

I love the knobs in 12h position - where did you get them jojjelito??

That is a AN/SPA-8A (or B?) radar repeater from the US Navy. It is found here as part of a discussion on Playstation-like symbolic buttons. I want one of course!

Just thought of how the people on the CSI show can mystically “image enhance” a really crappy mobile phone picture into some High-end Hasselblad picture in real time on their laptops…

They use Windows 7, what else™ ?

At first I thought of inserting a photo of a Yamaha GX1

but that might piss Olivier off enough to design 300plus kilo monster for us all.

Don’t know who this might piss off the most… Me to prepare kits for this ; or you for troubleshooting it :slight_smile:

I’ll let you borrow my oompa loompas for an easier workload :smiley:

/Général Le Teigneux

Infared image of UFO courtesy of the Ministry of Truth boys in the big boom bunker: