Two Thousand Six Hundred

I thought there might be some people around here interested in this project on muffwiggler
I certainly am!

Already signed up! I helped Jon (Zthee) proofread the schematics against the service manual. Some other people here in Stockholm are documenting the insides of their 2600s so that this will be done right.

As you can see Zthee is a very talented designer, his DIY panels for ancient banana modulars are famous. This 2600 DIY clone will be a more manageable size, the sliders are 45mm LED tips, the rest of the panel is scaled so that it will be roughly the same size as a 27" monitor from Fruityco.

Hmm, I found my schem prints in my trunk, the fluro marker doodles tells the story of late night checking :smiley:

oh ho! Gear lust! But I will get MI modules first.

Is it going to be a shit to get ‘rare’ parts for I wonder? Some regular parts can be enough of a chore to get sometimes, never mind voodoo tech from the 60/70’s…
Im interested though! But I should probably crack on with the VCS3 clone first huh… There isn’t many old synths I really like. Indeed the VCS3 and 2600 are perhaps the only 2…

As much as possible of the old stuff will be sanitized. A few of the old dual FET transistors for VCOs and the VCF can be had from various Ebay sellers, Littlediode, Dalbani and what not. A surprising amount of old stuff is still available at Mouser etc.


(must re sist)

Looks cool, I’m just thankful that I haven’t got a clue as to why I should lust after it (other than it looks cool)…
Took me long enough deciding not to go for the Pre-wired PCB+frontplate set for the klee that’s just finishing now on muffs… Importing that stuff would have been not just prohibitively expensive, but retardedly expensive :confused:

Ozzy uses one! That’s about the only thing I’ve seen from the Osbournes though… Todd Terje made the entire Inspector Norse EP using only his 2600. That, and the R2D2 bleeps should be enough proof of its coolness until you play one.

STOP THE PRESSES: We must not forget the Speak n Spell album by DM, made with Daniel Miller’s 2600! Just saying.

will you please stop?
i’m trying to resist here.

Ahhh, ignorance is bliss - nothing Jojjelito said entices me… Now, that egg song though… Mhmm…

What can I say, I’m a gear slut :smiley:
Did someone say Egg Song ? :wink:

I am already signed up too. The 2600 is one of the few synths I have lusted after for 40 or so years.

now if only they could make a DIY CS-80 that was 73% of the size, 10% of the weight and 1% of the cost of the original…
@jojjelito gee, thanks for that egg song link, and I had stopped listening to prog…

Is it just me or why dont i get the fascination of a MiniMϿg, 2600, ProOne, CS-80 et al.
After having the chance of hearing some of them live and without any processing im pretty much unimpressed. Im not denying the historical significance of all these Beasts, but please pay attention that your perception of any of these Classic Synths mostly comes from finely recorded, heavy processed Music, not from the actual Synth being naked. Many of todays available Synths just sound as good as the old ones. Maybe you should lust more for an classic Eventide or Vintage Lexicon and some other fancy outboard gear than for an expensive vintage Synth :wink:
Just to be clear: a naked 3500€ OB M12 hardly sounds like TOTOs Africa, a JX8-P with a Lexicon MX-300 (together max 600€) does to a degree i am perfectly able to accept. And Boy, i heard and played Africa a zillion times back then…
Hell - i think im coming back to actually make some music instead of piling up gear. Frightening. Ill go grab a beer.

Hurry up! We’re losing him! Get me 10cc Adrenalin stat! Make music instead of lusting over gear - now I’ve heard everything…

To a degree I agree, there’s boatloads of old stuff I’ll never get for my own use, but in case of the 2600 I just think it’s cool with a slider synth that’s a little more modular/capable than the Minibrute or my trusty old SH-101

what is this ‘music’ thing y’all are talking about?

… It’s gonna take a lot to take me away from you - there’s nothing that a hundred men or more could ever do - I bless the rains down in Africa - gonna take some time to do the things we never have…

true, I pretty much just want a CS-80 because my first live music synthesizer experience was listening to Eddie Jobson play Alaska on the Jethro Tull “A” tour. And then I got to play around with a CS-60 (and an Arp 2600) quite a bit in college. They were both so massively superior to my Maxi Korg that they achieved virtually religious significance. I have VSTs of both and I never use them so there you go.
I still have the Maxi Korg and I’m modding it with the Kenton CV input.

Personally, I would never “buy” an actual 2600. But, give me the chance to build one and I’m all over it. Thanks for the heads up, I’m signed up!

thats what Mambo Kurt does. Mambo Kurt obviously has no Modular, else he would have stopped posting these Videos and concentrated on making some real male Blops, Bleeps, Drops, Drips, Wind, Drones and other things only a modular can do.

My current theory is that everything you do with your modular converges to a single sonic event, the higher the number of patch connections the more similar the emitted sonic evidence is. Interpolating this means if you just plug enough modules together you will get one single waveform, presumably a boring sine…