Two Shruthis, both in duo mode, played by Phaedra on iPad

Two Shruthis, one SMR and one 4PM, driven from Phaedra running on an iPad 2. Two buses are sent to MIDI channel 1 on the 4PM, and two are sent to MIDI channel 2 on the SMR. Both Shruthis are in Duo mode. The pads are provided by a Kurzweil 2600XS and a Korg MicroStation. This was performed live, it’s really just some noodling. A bit of variety is provided by turning the Phaedra busses on and off manually as the sequence is playing. Each bus on the Phaedra is a different length, which also helps move things around a bit.

There is a bit of oddness that I’d like to figure out, and it’s fairly easy to hear. When one bus, say for MIDI channel 1, is active on the Phaedra, the Shruthi plays the sequence at the octave that I had expected. When the second bus is active, for MIDI channel 1 and the same Shruthi, the first sequence jumps up an octave. The same thing happens for the two busses on MIDI channel 2 and the other Shruthi. I’m sure it’s something obvious I’m not noticing, and it’s not necessarily a bad thing because it allowed me to add more variety.

I have barely scratched the surface of this stuff, and I’m going to take some video once I practice a bit more. The combination of a couple of Shruthis and the iPad has all sorts of potential.

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nice. i like that.

Did a short video: Two (4 sort of) Shruthis


Lovely ! :slight_smile:

pretty nice, given it’s a live performance!