Two new modules derived from Mutable Instruments modules

I hope Emilie doesnt mind me cannabilising her modules and (probably) ruining all the lovely design decisions she made! (But I had a need for more buffered multiples and more sample and holds !)

I have derived a triple S+H (in 0603) from Kinks and a triple 1->3 buffered mult derived from Links. Trig is normalled in the S+H with independent noise and S+H sections. I placed all the parts on the back in 0603 size for the S+H to make it easier to diy.
The input is normalled on the buff mult.

I have no intention of selling any modules or selling any pcbs/panels !

All the files are on my GitHub:

Minx GitHub
Jinx GitHub

490-modular_jinx 251-modular_pusherman_minx


Looks useful, is the placement of the panel components the same, for example could a Kinks panel be used on Jinx?

Yes - I used the Kinks panel from the MI repository for Jinx as a starter but just changed the text - all the holes and spacing are the same. (Same for Minx with the Links panel). I used Emile’s advice (on this forum from ages ago) on hole sizes and how to create panels in Eagle. (I’ve found them really hand - built three Minx and two Jinx - I find for lots of the MI modules, I use loads of S+H on the modulations).

Minx is quite a dense build (at 0603):


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Ah… nice work on the Jinx! – wouldn’t mind having a triple S&H in my setup… Oh, forgot to ask – are all the noise outputs the same? would be awesome to have one as white noise and the others as different colors…

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Yes they are - deliberately so! I thought it’d be more useful that way… (I thought about just using one generator or variations but I ended up using three generators as I wanted them all decorrelated for pure randomness… I just couldnt decide if the very slight/negligible timing delay of the normalled trig would be enough for decorrelation so took the easy way out). I have some other coloured noise generators that I can patch in… but maybe it’s worth making a small 4hp module with lots of uncorrelated noise generators of different flavours :slight_smile: (eg 12 !)

Don’t worry, Pusherman et al. will take care of the sales for you…

(That’s not a criticism of you, btw! These look great, I need more of the Links buffered mutts too, perfect!)


Thanks Tim! I don’t mind at all what anyone, including pusherman, does with them - I’ve had my fun with them :slight_smile:

(I also just give away excess boards and panels after I’ve built what I want - eg from the MI, o_C, etc boards I’ve had fabbed - you get ten for the price of one essentially - just a personal thing - I’d rather pay it forward :slight_smile: I feel I’ve benefitted so much from o_C and the MI boards that giving away the excess boards from the fab feels a little bit like paying back a little for others generosity)

Just read that back and it sounds a bit crap - what I sort of mean is that I dont want to take any money for open source stuff (even to cover costs) - it feels a bit wrong to take any cash for others work. I’d rather pass stuff on to people who can use it and let them either enjoy it, buy me a beer, make a donation to anything or think of me if they have anything cool some time…


What I meant is that Pusherman will no doubt be happy to take advantage of your efforts…


why noy buying MI module?

Not sure I understand the question - sorry! (These are not duplicates of Mutable Instruments modules)

Oh,ok,i didnot understand it was something else sorry!