Twisted Electrons TherapSid

What do you make of this? One single 6581 chip. Like the “many-knobs desktop” look. :slight_smile:

Looks pretty nice and even reasonably priced assuming the build quality is any good.

You make a link like this " label " : url but without the spaces.

I was pretty disappointed by his ay3 synth, hopefully this one has better sound mangling… at least some lfos!

Looks cool.

@herrprof I was at some point planning on getting a ay3, but thought the demos sounded a little bit too… harsh. However, still considering buying one. What was the reason for your disappointment?

The TherapSid demo sounds really good in my opinion, though…

Its because the ay3 chip can sound really good if they use advance techniques but he didnt seem to implement them. For example

This great STU mixtape

Or this Teensy to AY hack Echolevel is working on

hmmmm, looks pretty omteresting to me.

Hello all!

I’m here to answer any therapSid questions!
I just put a video demo of therapSid on the tube:
(sorry I can’t post a url, beyond me)

@herrprof thanks for pointing out your concerns with AY3, I’ll have a play at those advanced techniques you refered to for a future update!


Here is the demo in video format.

Very impressive demo. This looks like the SID synth to have if you have an iPad. That sequencer app is very well thought out.

@twisted_electrons How big is the box (wxhxd)?

@twisted_electrons looking forward to what you come up with… your hardware seems great, its just a little vanilla once youve heard what stresses ay3 masters are putting the chip through in the tracker world.

wouaw ! this little beast really looks terrible, I’m a big fan of sound chips sid but the problem and that I almost never play with my sammich sid is precisely because of all these sub menus and too many features for the size of the synth, in addition this little monster is made at home in the South of France! :wink: I can finally use my other sid chips for him and use my sammich sid just for the drums, so cool! nice work twisted electrons! :slight_smile:

t2k: Hi! approx. 23cm x 14cm x 4cmherrprof: yes I’d enjoy trying this ay3 trickery out
analogtherapy: Merci Mec! Yes the focus was on KNOBS. But the midibox stuff is great, TK inspired me to get into electronics back in the early days.audiohoader: thanks for the embed! (that’s what she said)

I am also a sammichSID owner and sometimes I don’t like to bother with menu diving. This looks to be a great SID synth that some folks in the SID fanbase have been asking for.

By the way; Your site is very nicely designed!

Anyone got their hands on one yet? Mine’s on the way :slight_smile:

Please report how it is!

Will do. Got a 6581 in it, so hoping for some nice easily controlled knarly PWM tones :slight_smile:

Did you play with the Therapsid yet?

Yeah. It’s pretty cool. Probably needs a 8580 or SwinSID in it to be usable musically, the 6581 is noisy git (envelopes never fully close). Noise gate would do it.

The arpeggios/sequence thing is good.

I need to play with it some more, had a lot of new toys recently.