Twigs: alternate firmware for Branches

I made an alternate firmware for Branches called Twigs

It includes:

VC clock divider/multiplier
VC swing

These functions are selectable by the user for either or both channels

Video demo here

Info, docs & source code here

Download the whole package

Was a fun project. The microcontroller on Branches is very limited so it was a cool challenge working with that. Unfortunately, not much space left to work at this point so I won’t be adding any substantial features. But it’s working well so far and I’m happy to answer questions etc.


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Wow, I had something similar in mind for grids. I haven’t yet found any time to tackle that. (Only god knows if I ever will - too many other projects going on)

Cool! Watching the video right now :slight_smile:


I believe that the architecture of Grids, of all the Mutable modules, is most similar to Branches. If you find the time for the project, definitely be my guest and port over whatever you need from Twigs!

Great. Now I need another Branches.

Will try it, thanks a lot for your work ! :slight_smile:

I was actually thinking about combining a clock divider/multiplier with a Bernoulli gate to make use of the two outputs and two parameters per channel. Also with the clock and reset inputs, grids is perfect for something like this.

I’ll take a look at your code. Could be very helpful! Did you implement a proper PLL? Or are you simply measuring the period time and inserting triggers in between?

Maybe I’ll do it after all… Ahhhh I should finish my sequencer first… Damn.


It’s simplistic–for the clock multiplier and swing, the number of clock cycles is measured between the last two input strikes. The next output happens at an interval that’s derived from that period using the controls of the function

Divider counts input strikes and outputs after the number specified by the controls

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