Tweaking the Anushri Drums

Just a quick demo of what you can do with the digital drums when editing them via midi cc.


Fun! I have no Pocket Control, probably easy enough to DIY these days (with some help from the Doepfer kit).
Although I do have an Encore Knobby, but I can only program it from my dinosaur PC, and it uses an AC! power supply.

Like this–>
I have to look at this for reference:


@DrKorg Wow, that certainly adds another dimension. I’ll have to create an XStation map for those extra controls, now. Good work!


so cool!

@Fresh Pants: Got it! Thanks!

that sounds very good! I really like your loop as well, first time I hear the anushri synth part sound like that.

That’s nice.
I just did an xml for the plugin Guru on Renoise, if anyone is interested.

file type is not allowed here, so : here


that’s great ! i managed it with a nord modular