Hello forum members. My name is Dale Ong. Olivier and I have been discussing the creation of a series of tutorials. Since these tutorials will be tailored specifically to the Shruthi-1, I would like to give the online community a chance to voice their thoughts. Any ideas concerning subject matter, format, or any other aspect you can think of are welcome. These lessons will be for you, so here’s your chance to tell me what you would like to see from them!

Now that the business at hand is out of the way, here’s a little background information on me: I’m 51 years old, and have been involved with synthesizers my entire professional career. In the early 80’s, I was Bob Moog’s synth technician at Big Briar, which was a small custom shop at the time. After Big Briar I was part owner and recording engineer at a commercial recording studio. Next came a stint as a composer in residence at the Alexander Brest Planetarium, where I met my long time musical collaborator, Jack Tamul. In addition to composing soundtracks for planetarium shows and some short industrial films, Jack and I performed and hosted workshops at museums and universities across the Southeastern United States. These days I’m officially “retired”, but that’s just my way of saying that I pick my projects without concern for the money that might be involved - I’m still composing, building, and sometimes coding.

Hi Dale, i’d highly like a Series of Tutorials - perhaps beginnig with the basic things applying to all synths (so its usefull to everyone not just the lucky shruthi owners…) and later the specific shruthily issues.

@oliver: “To be fair, there’s no mysterious story dating back to the times when Bob Moog was still learning Ohm’s law.” - Ha! Got you!

edit: Just an Idea: how about 24 small lessons released from Dec 1st to Dec 24th? The Shruti Advent calendar.

Dale, this sounds like a brilliant plan - I’m sure whatever you come up with would be incredible :slight_smile:

Personally speaking, the thing which would help me the most is a kind of “cookbook” of synth sounds - basically, a bunch of entries (I don’t know how you’d categorise them) with a sound sample or two of a patch, the settings needed to create that patch, and a description of what each of those settings contributes to the final sound. I know a little about the inner workings of synths, know my way around oscillators and filters and modulation and the like, but I’ve never been great at applying theory to practise. When I have a specific sound in my head which I want to make, I usually don’t know how to go about building it, so my only avenue for getting good synth sounds has been pure undirected experimentation, usually resulting in patches which might sound good, but I have no idea why. A cookbook would be a great thing in general, but of course if it’s specific to the Shruthi- then that’s even cooler.

wow dale, really looking forward to some fun stuff you can think of for the shrut(h)i! i’m fully aware that olivier has created a completely unique synth with the shrut(h)i, but i’ve definitely struggled trying to get my own sounds out of it.

your thoughts and some insight into ideas for the myriad modulation options (this is the heart of the shrut(h)i, and the area i understand least) would be great and much appreciated.

video like those ones: http://nextstepaudio.com/

Wow - wonderful!

As they say, talent attracts talent…
Thanks for offering such a generous service Dale. It would be hard to find someone better qualified for such a task.

Speaking only for myself, I love synths and don’t expect to be too stumped by the general structure and operation of the shruthi (the clear interface helps).
But I would highly value a series of ‘tips and tricks’ - meaning snippets from your own opinions on enhancing the sounds and generally getting musically useful results.
Such things as:
"You have probably found this oscillator easily does X, but I like to add/modulate/change X to make the sound useful for X. Here, listen…"
"I know X is not really designed for use with X, but if you also remember to route X, how great does that sound?"
Anything you stumble across, really.

Considering your composing and recording experience, any on creating/recording/mixing synth parts and sounds would also be great.

Finally, any tips on making it to the point where you can pick projects without concern for money ! :wink:

But I am also supportive of guides for people who have not owned a synth before:
more users = even brighter future for Mutable Instruments = win for us all.

Thanks again Dale, can’t wait.

Hello all. Thanks for the great input - it has really helped me to formulate a game plan for the tutorials. I plan on making a series of videos which will cover the basics of synthesis as applied to the Shruthi-1. I will also try to create some companion presets that illustrate the concepts from the videos. Jack and I are in the studio this week tracking out a piece we started the last time we were together… After that my schedule is pretty clear, so I can devote a lot of attention the tutorials.

@Adam Jones - I didn’t mean to imply that I was wealthy… just happy. :slight_smile:

Thanks Dale, good one.
I’m learning wealthy and happy are often mutually exclusive anyway!

Sounds good re the tutorials. I’m sure we’ll all learn something, I bet your definition of ‘basic’ is a little higher than mine anyway :wink: