Turning Braids AR envelope into an ASR


I’ve got a Braids. I’m wondering if there is a way to use the trig input to hold the envelope open until the gate goes low. It doesn’t seem so, but perhaps I’m missing something.

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You’ll have to install an alternative firmware (bees in the trees) to get full control of the envelope (and of hundreds of other things).

The stock firmware only allows AD envelopes to keep things intentionally simple. It’s a step forward from the initial version which had a few preset shapes and preset combinations of destinations. We could very well add S, R, then a slippery slope to a full-blown internal mod matrix. I had to draw the line somewhere, sorry it felt on the wrong side for you.

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I feel like I should get on better with mod matrix interfaces than I do. Functionally they are equivalent to a modular but somehow they are completely uninspiring to me.

Thanks for the clarification @pichenettes . I already have Plaits, where you solved this problem, so I feel like maybe I’ll just let Braids be what it is. Last time I installed a firmware update I bricked it and had to send it to you. . .

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