Tuning issues

Hey guys, just finished building my shruthi! all seem to be good. then i though i tuned it correctly. but everything just seems to sound too distorted. and the presets sound different? any idea’s?

Tuning won’t make distortion disappear. It could be:

  • the gain on your soudncard/mixer too high (the Shruthi output is “hot”).
  • a bad solder point near the final amplification stage
  • a bad solder point near the VCAs

It’s often the number one…output is really hot as said.

yer i tried with gain as low as possible, jus enough to hear sound. in headphones as well. it jus seems to be the whole sound seem’s to be really harsh and kinda distorted. Wot sorta areas should i check for bad solder point’s. im not quite shure where the above mentioned areas are?