Tuning filters, patch matters?

I have spend a quite some time trying to tune my smr-4. Not that I’m trying to make it sound perfect, but what really confuses me is that it I seem to get very different results depending on what patch I start off with.

For example, I take preset 11 sawwy, and set all oscillators to none, natural detune and range, no env no lfo, sum mix, no sub etc… everything as clean as I can. Then I tune the self oscillation to appear nicely at res 63.

Then I go to preset 1 junon, and I do the exact same thing. But now when I set the resonance to 63 I get only a very faint oscillation. Also the pitch of the tone is different. When I start off with the init patch on power up, I get different results from the previous two.

In other words, even though I set the oscillators to the same positions, there are still differences in the tuning. How can that be? Am I missing something?

What you are missing is the mod matrix. Some patches have fancy resonance / cutoff modulations from LFOs, random sources, velocity, etc. Tune using init as per the instructions.

Pfff time to put away the screwdriver read a manual and do some music. Sorry for the noise :slight_smile: