Tuning... distortion :(

I have a magnifying glass for those purposes - but im old!

lol, i’m old and have a magnifying glass too!
i think i’ve found a few incorrectly placed resistors now.
so i’m making progress…
thanks :slight_smile:

While you are at it and we both are old and have a magnifiying glass, go check the transistors as they are all black . . .

And Oh, your jumper looks quite good :wink:

@synk24: During assembly I have checked all the resistors before soldering but a couple of times I have had somme doubts after soldering. In that case I have checked the resistor value pointing the tips of my multimeter very close to the ceramic body on the lead part above the pcb (just before the soldering points).
It worked well for me, you can try.

woo hoo!

it’s all fixed now :slight_smile:
i had two other resistors in the wrong places (thanks for pointing out the one that should have been 220 pichenettes, i swapped that for a rogue 10k elsewhere).
i’ve done the tuning - nice :slight_smile:
and set the others as best as i can.

i think i’ll get one of the SSM2044 filter boards next and see what sort of a mess i can make out of it

thank you all for your help with this,
i need to get some noise made with it now and i’ll post on the soundcloud group.

keep up the good work!