Tuning clarification

I have tuned the filter to a perfect C at middle C (C4). When I go down an octave to C3 it plays D. Down to ocatave C2 and it plays an E. up to C5 and it plays an A#.

So I am assuming that the filter doesn’t really need to be tuned perfectly… The way it is now if you start at C2 the next octave will almost but not quite double in frequency and so on and so forth. Is this correct?

No. You have to tune the filter in such a way that the self-oscillation tone goes an octave up when you play the same note an octave higher.

You should not make it try to match the notes on your keyboard while tuning; the self-oscillation tone depends on the cutoff frequency of the filter, and this won’t match the note you play anyway in most cases.

well it does go an octave higher, its just that it goes an extra note higher for whatever reason…

> its just that it goes an extra note higher for whatever reason…

Because you are not tuning it right! The goal is not to get the filter to play the right note (what would be the right note? It depends on the cutoff setting anyway), but to get the filter to play the right intervals.

I have the filter cutoff set at 64, and the res set at max. I guess I got confused. So I’m basically just tuning it until the difference between C3 and C4 on the keyboard is just double and not actually C3 or C4. I have a feeling I screwed it up enough for it to be a headache now.

If you do it this way it shouldn’t be to difficult. Don’t forget to set ENV and LFO modulation to 0.

Yeah thanks guys. I guess I didn’t read the manual close enough, totally misinterpreted what was said. :slight_smile:

Maybe it’s better to think of it in terms of “calibrating” instead of “tuning”.

Okay guys, finally got around to doing this properly (I hope).

After some twiddling and tweaking I have this:

C1: ~125 hz
C2: ~250 hz
C3: ~500 hz
C4: ~1000 hz

they aren’t exactly those numbers, but fairly close to it. I am assuming this is because the filter itself is analog and therefore cannot be exactly perfect.

So have I done this right? :smiley:


Alright! Thanks pinchenettes and everyone else for the help.