Tuning Anushri

I recently built an Anushri, I checked the different voltages for the power distribution, everything is ok. But I can’t tune the VCO, i’m bloqued at this part. I don’t know if i’m doing the right thing : in Logic (soft) I play a sequence in MIDI, the MIDI out of my soundcart is pluged to the in of the Anushri and the audio out of the Anushri is pluged in audio in of my soundcard. The sequence is played by Anushri but absolutly not in tune.
Can someone explain to me, step by step, with precision how to tune it the right way ?
Thank you.

Manual says:

“”“VCO calibration is needed only if you plan to use the CV in/out for accurate pitch control. Otherwise, you can let the software tune the unit by holding the “hold” button and pressing “run/stop”. You should hear a low-volume arpeggio (played by the unit to measure the pitch produced by the VCO for a few test voltages). When the unit is software-tuned, the VCO will react incorrectly to external VCO CV signals, and will produce VCO CV signals which are slightly off (since they have the compensation of software-tuning built into them).”""

So first of all, does it sound right when it is automatically tuned?

What software ? Mine (logic, sequencer) or an other one ? I don’t understand what to do when I plug Anushri to the soft.

The software in the Anushri. Hold the “hold” button on your Anushri, then press the “run/stop” button. This will make the Anushri tune itself.

How do we know that it is tuned ? It’s always the same arppegio and it doesn’t really change even when I touch the 2 trimmers offset and V/oct at the back.

First make sure that:

VCO range and VCO detune must be in their middle position.

On the keyboard/MIDI page:

Octave and master tune must be in their middle position.

Then play a note, and check that the tuning software indicates the correct pitch. I use TunaPitch on OS X.

I did all of this but the tuning software doesn’t indicate the correct pitch. Am I supposed to touch the two trimmers offset and V/oct during the tuning ? If I am, I can’t tune with them.

What happens when you turn them?

It happens this : http://we.tl/WxsJKW8RMZ
I can’t tune it correctly, the frequency is too approximate.

Ouch. Which are the front panel settings you dialed to get that sound?

It seems to me that your Anushri doesn’t work…

All the trimmers are in their middle position, for all the settings. The sub switch must be at -1 or DCO ?

Wait. Are you talking about trimmers or front panel pots?

Front panel pots, sorry.


This is not how to do it then!

Set the cutoff to its maximum value. Resonance to the minimum value. VCF envelope and LFO to their minimum value. Sub level to the minimum value.

Fuzz off and filter mode on LP.

Is it better?

It sounds like this now : http://we.tl/wugWOxCVsr

Which note do you play.

Which power supply do you use?

I play a C3 in MIDI in my sequencer.
I use 7.5V / 500 mA

Can you confirm that the terrible sound you have posted is the same independently of the note you play?

Yes I confirm.
But there was a moment, not today, when I played the midi notes, the frequency changed but not to a specific note.

Hmmm okay… Then before tuning you might consider troubleshooting it! Follow the signal path as explained in the build instructions, and try to find at which point things start sounding wrong…