TubOhm Germany

I would like to send a big thanks to the guy from TubeOhm in Germany.
He has repaired my screen on my Shruthi.
Very fast work, great friendly communication, tips and tricks.
All at very reasonable prices.
People, if you have any problem you can trust him!

Many thanks for the support

I can confirm. Andre is a very good man :slight_smile:

me too
great support

I have to agree, he’s a nice guy.
I recently bought a 4-pm Shruthi from André and I’m very happy with it - nicely built unit, top quality! highlights were the photos of the different stages which he took during its construction - thumbsup!

Tubeohm Phasewave rocks! =)

I love the ladder filter and appreciate the contributions Andre’ has made to the MI community! I’ve always wondered what the apostrophe in his name is for though :wink:

Greets to Andre’ (my ladder filter kit finally arrived in Oz, complete with hand-labelled matched transistors - nice!)